Der Bachelorstudiengang an der TH Köln

Online Editor, BA

English Information

Mr. Pix and Mrs. Pix at the International Office

The goal of the Online Editor Bachelor’s programme is to teach professional methods of analysing, evaluating and implementing editorial processes in the online media. Students learn how to design websites for a position in an online editorial office. Two editorial projects have to be fulfilled in the third year. Their aim is to familiarise students with the work of an online editor through specific tasks and on-the-job trainings. After the successful completion of the course graduates obtain a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree.

The work of online editors is based on several fields of publishing – ranging from business communication through services to journalistic information offerings.
To prepare the students for their future career, they are taught core skills in online research techniques as well as know-how for creating, structuring and processing contents in a media-specific way. The course differs from the technical journalism, media informatics and graphic design courses in its contents. Online editors explicitly integrate non-journalistic fields of work. The content production of websites for companies, agencies, public and local authorities is a field of work for graduates just as much as traditional online journalism.

The language of introduction is German, so fluent German skills are required to successfully complete the Bachelor’s programme. It’s not recommended to sign up if you are not comfortable with writing and editing textes in German. Further information can be obtained at the International Office of Cologne University of Applied Sciences.

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